About Mistral

Mistral vzw is a special phenomenon inside the circuit of art groups. In an alternative but spectacular way, this mixed group always presents high-level creations. The original body expression is here wonderfully improved with combinations of various ingredients: chairs, draperies, fans, flags, knives... Continuous variation in style, a dynamic course and a complex musical choice fill the public with wonder.


Mistral is part of the Avalon group. For major events, we work together with professional partners, conducted by a concept director.

Light and Lasershow

In addition to the traditional lighting, the production is also injected with "smart light". The whole production is transformed into a fairylike show through the artistic use of smart light. The scenery or the front of a building is coloured in all the colours of the rainbow and the dancers are covered with colours and surrounded with special effects.


The use of lasers is also possible.


La Strada | Astral | conceptregie Avalon

Large scale projection

Mistral's creations fill the podium. And behind the stage, a huge video screen (up to 8 by 6 meters). The show is recorded live and simultaneously mixed with recorded tapes.


A balanced interaction between image and live act to produce an exceptional show. The use of large screen projection is also ideal for a variety of subjects inside the concept.


Bloemkoolproductions | Whitemilk | conceptregie Avalon

Special event

Mistral is always looking for experiments. Surprising locations such as parks, castles, factories will be transformed into a wonderful world. The show is also always open to other artistic expressions.


The whole set is continuously accompanied by an experienced professional director.


conceptregie Avalon


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